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“Discover How You Can Reduce Your Energy Bills
By Simply Creating Your Own Power !”

“Help The Environment And Your Wallet With The Results Of My Extensive Research on Catching Energy for Free !”

From: Pieter J. den Boef
November 11, 2009

Dear friend,

The conventional energy sources are getting exhausted and their price is
extremely rising……

Of course you recognize this problem and you want to do something about this by using alternative, green energy sources but you don’t know how to start and where to look.

That’s why I created this website. You’re about to discover how you can
[1] cut your energy costs,
[2] save the environment,
[3] learn about green energy,
[4] even make money out of it!

My e-book will help you to find out what possibilities are fit for you and how you can get them.
You can download it instantly and start using the information right away.


Solar power is now 90% cheaper than it was in the 1970s. Houses with solar roofs can generate more electricity than is needed at certain times in the day, and sell this back to local electricity companies.
Photovoltaics have the additional advantage that they can supply power in sparsely populated off-grid areas, thereby improving quality of life and promoting sustainable development, particularly in rural areas of developing countries.

World Wildlife Fund

How Can I Help You?

I realized my energy bills were higher every year and started to think what I could do about it. While searching the internet I found out that it wasn’t easy.
A lot of suppliers, a lot of technical blabla but no one could really give me a good advice. In hours and hours on line I collected a huge amount of data and put it together in spread sheets to compare features and benefits, but still…..

Then I went to libraries to lend books about green energy. Because I have a finished education in a Technical Highschool, the technical terms and expressions slowly came to live and I started to see links.

Finally, I put all the information I gathered together in an e-book and made sure it was easy readable because I needed it for future reference myself.

During my 3 years study and search I found answers to questions like: “what is the ideal application for solar energy”, ”home made hydro power”, “how to build a biomass generator”, “electricity by Windmill Power” and so on.

At this point I realized that a lot of people were looking for the same answers I did and decided to make them available to you.

Stop paying too much for your energy !

With my e-book:

you don’t have to search for solutions any longer because I already did the work for you.

you can cut your energy costs by half, or more….. Find out how you can even make money.

you will easily find the best and cheapest supplier for your needs in my    comprehensive overview.

you will find out how to help saving the environment. Start catching your own, free obtainable power.

you will learn most ins and outs of green energy.

My product is a compilation of over 2 years of hard work. Hours and hours I spent on searching the web, libraries and other sources and bring the best results together in one easy to read e-book.

You will find ideas on how to save money by creating you own power. Depending on the amount you’re willing to invest you can save up to 100% of your energy costs, or even make money by reselling electricity to your utility company !

So, in a short period of time, you earn your investments back and will have the nice feeling of living from the wind (or sun).

Because this is a new e-book I’ll intoduce it to you for a limited period at the very low price of $ 37, that’s more than 24% off its normal, already low price of $ 49.95

Considering how much money farmers in Iowa and Minnesota make on power-generating wind turbines, their corn and soybean crops look like peanuts.
Once a struggling renewable energy supply that survived only through government protection, wind energy technology has taken off, in some cases producing electricity more economically than fossil fuels.
Arnold Kholhede has worked the Iowa soil since he left the Marines after World War II. He surprised neighbors in Storm Lake several years ago when he added five wind turbines to his farm.
'It's a really profitable venture'
"It just looked like a real good second income for one thing. They're good for the environment. There's no pollution from them whatsoever. And we have some real good winds around here," he said.
Kholhede earns up to $10,000 a year by leasing five small plots to a utility company as sites for the turbines. The same land might produce a corn crop worth little more than $100


Free bonuses !

If you order my e-book now, we offer you a comprehensive data base filled with article- and supplier-information, for FREE!! Find the best, cheapest and closest supplier for your needs (Value $ 39).

Another bonus is an e-book called '62 Ways To Save Money At The Gas Pump' (Value is $ 9.95). This e-book even comes with a resale rights licence so you can decide to give it away, or sell it!

These bonuses are free for you to keep and to give to your relatives or friends, even if you decide to return my e-book.

So: You’ll get a pile of useful information with a total value of $ 98.90 now for only $ 37 (for a limited period of time).


Because we want to deliver the best quality, and developments go fast these days, we decided to not to bring out our e-book yet. Soon we'll give you the opportunity to pre-order your copy and send you a preliminary version which enables you to start right away. So please be patient, it will be worth it !!!


100% Money-back Guarantee

Go ahead and order my e-book now. It comes with an 100% Money-back Guarantee for 2 years:

If you don’t like it for ANY reason just send it back for a 100% refund of your purchase price. And take your time: This 100% Money-back Guarantee is valuable for 2 years !

Why am I so sure about this? Why can I offer you a whole 2 years warranty?

First: our e-book is full of technical stuff. Although it’s easy readable, you won’t read it in one evening.

Second: Take your time to decide if you want to do something about your energy costs and if so, make up your mind about implementing one or more of our solutions.

Third: If you don’t start earning back your investments after 2 years, we failed in our set-up, so just send the ebook back !


No Time To Waste !





Pieter J. den Boef

Analytical Instrument Engineer,
Environmental Coordinator


Remember: if you don’t order my e-book right now, you probably won’t be able to save a lot of money on your energy bills. Otherwise, it will be a problem finding the right supplier who won’t charge you too much, you’ll have to find solutions yourself AND you’ll miss the valuable bonuses !


With my full 2 years 100% Money Back Guarantee there is absolutely no risk for you to buy, so don’t wait a minute longer and order ! Click the button below.

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